• Spiced Apple Cider with Candied Bacon

    Spiced Apple Cider with Candied Bacon

    Candied bacon adds some heft to snack time; we decided to serve it alongside warm spiced cider, a perfect end to a sunny afternoon in the snow.


  • Berry-Mango Smoothie

    Berry-Mango Smoothie

    Wanna know why we love this smoothie? Milk and yogurt provide protein and a small amount of fat—add a spoonful of nut butter to boost it further—while berries and oats deliver complex carbohydrates and essential nutrients, including vitamin C. Oh, and it's also delicious.

  • Upgrade your lemonade stand

    Upgrade your lemonade stand

    DIY lemonade can bring your lemonade stand up a notch - and you can flavour it with fresh herbs from the garden, or colour it pink with grated beets!

  • Staying hydrated with homemade sodas

    Staying hydrated with homemade sodas

    Hydration is important - being able to make your own sparkling water and flavour it with homemade simple syrups makes staying hydrated easier.

  • Tips for Healthy Hydration

    Tips for Healthy Hydration

    Hydration is important -  here are a few ways to make water more inviting!

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